Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JAM returns to PDX - MAY 2013

WEEK #1: 

You'll find 4 artists represented in this first week of JAM! Come on down to the MJCC 
(6651 SW Capitol HWY- Portland, OR) at 11 am when the show officially opens!
The show is open daily through Friday at 2pm. When artists are on duty, you may purchase any available art! If you wish to make a purchase but can't find an artist on duty, take a business card and call the artist directly.

          The MJCC staff is not able to sell any art!
  On duty artists will accept checks, credit cards, and cash !

                        Who will be there?

Sharon Segal, painter : 2-6 Tues, 6-8 Wed, 2-6 Thursday

Glenn Decherd, ceramics: 11-2:30 Sun, 11-10 Mon, 2-6 Wed 

Leslie Elder, painter: 10-2 Tues, Wednesday and Friday

Bob Sorkin, photographer: 2:30-5 Sun, 2-6 Monday, 10-2 Thurs

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