Saturday, February 27, 2010

JOANNE GREENBERG tells stories for adults SUNDAY!

Sunday Feb 28th...7 pm at Oregon Jewish Museum!!!!
Limited tickets!   ....only 50 tickets available for this remarkable event that you won't want to miss!

Jewish Arts Month is pleased to present JOANNE GREENBERG!!!!!!!
Joanne is a well known novelist but she is also a remarkable storyteller. This is an evening for adults!

What can you expect to hear?
 a Chelm story; "A Corpse Bride;" "The Jewish Orpheus and
and "The Litvak Eulogy," which she heard a 45-minute version
 of in Yiddish when she was a kid (hers will be shorter, and in English).

Here's a link to her "official" if scanty, bio on her web page: 

Oregon Jewish Museum
1953 Northwest Kearney Street
Portland, OR 97209-3925

(503) 226-3600

Friday, February 26, 2010


Temple Beth Israel gives Purim a fresh look with a presentation of Woodschlock!
Go to their website for more info.

Neveh Shalom and Havurah Shalom encourage participants to come with pots and pans to bang and then donate them to community warehouse!

Every shul in town has something planned. Checkout individual synagogue websites  to get your latest Purim opportunities!!!!!

While these aren't officially JAM activities, we are happy to promote the options and let you choose. We want you to celebrate!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

By All Counts, a success!

The PreJAM Slam was  a success. Well over 100 guests arrived, noshed a bisell and then settled in for a great evening. This kick-off celebration would not have been possible with out the amazing organizing talents of Abby Myers and Sharyn Schneiderman....and artwork by ORA Northwest Jewish Artists.

Our evening was filled with remarkable moments including a mayoral proclamation delivered by Jennifer Yocom, poetry by Fran P. Adler, and feedback from Brian Wagner of the Oregon Arts Commission. We met the ever popular actress Wendy Westerwelle and Triangle Productions director Don Horn. Wendy Wilcox offered a poignant dramatic reading and we delighted in the harmonies of Stephanie Schneiderman ,Kim Palumbis and Sharyn Schneiderman. The muscial stylings of pianist George Fendel delighted the crowd as we settled into the evening and he returned at the end of the program to accompany the remarkable Cantor IdaRae Cahana as she sang a Gershwin tune and then led us all in a spiritual rendition of the shehechianu. 

We are indebted to our sponsors.....and we will soon post their names in rrecognition of their generosity.
JAM organizers will also be recognized in a matter of days. It takes a dedicated community to support the arts....THANK YOU!

Email feedback has come in all day long. New artists have come forward, audience members are promising to attend more events.....and the festival continues. WON'T YOU JOIN US?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


 (Wear your JAM button to the performance on the 28th and earn an additional raffle ticket!...or buy your button there!)
by Diane Samuels
February 25th - March 21st, 2010
Thursday - Saturday at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 2 PM

Between 1938 and the outbreak of the war, almost 10,000 children were sent by their parents from Germany to Britain to 'safety and security'. Most never saw their parents again. The cost of that 'safety and security' is portrayed in Diane Samuels' play Kindertransport.

Kindertransport weaves the story of 3 generations of women whose lives are intertwined when 9 year old Eva is sent from Germany to Manchester in 1938. The play is set in attic of middle aged Evelyn in the mid 80s. Looking for items for her daughter's new apartment, boxes are unpacked, traumatic memories penetrate the present, and family secrets are revealed.

Learn more about the Kindertransport at

Post show conversations with special guests are an ever present feature of JTC programming and nightly talk backs are planned with guests: Holocaust Survivors, Social Workers, Academics and representatives from International Aid Agencies.

Tickets are $15 for students, $20 for seniors, and $25 for adults
All Seating is General Admission
Buy Tickets or call 503-512-9JTC (582)

Artists Repertory Theatre
Alder Stage
1515 Southwest Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97205-1814


Fugue: Exile, Emigration and Displacement
EXHIBIT by Friderike Heuer
February 25th - March 21st, 2010
Available for Viewing 12pm-7:30pm Tues-Sat and 12pm-2pm Sun

Local photographer Friderike Heuer's photomontage series, based on poems about exile, emigration and displacement will be showcased at Artist Repertory Theatre throughout the run of Kindertransport.
Admission is Free
Artists Repertory Theatre
Alder Stage
1515 Southwest Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97205-1814

Pre-JAM Slam Wednesday February 24th's almost here!
7pm tonight at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center.

Here's the line up (in no particular order)
Stephanie Schneiderman and Kim Palumbis- Music
Francis Payne Adler- Poet
Wendy Wilcox- Jewish Theatre Collaborative
George Fendel- Music
Wendy Westerwelle- Triangle Productions
IdaRae Cahana-soloist
Jennifer Yocum- City Hall
Brian Wagner- Oregon Arts Commission

Lots of artists, writers, and folk like yourself will be there!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stephanie Schneiderman Comes to JAM!

Stephanie Schneiderman

Well known and loved singer and song writer Stephanie Schneiderman will appear at the preJAM Slam
Wednesday, February 24th- 7pm at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. She will be accompanied by her sister Kim Palumbis. There may even be a surprise third performer in the mix!

The House of Blues proclaims, "Schneiderman's exceptional song writing talent and radiating charm are a winning combination. Her honest, earthy presence and rich, serene vocals separate Stephanie from the hordes of 'girls with guitars.' She shows all the potential of becoming a world class, world renowned artist."

Kim is a well known singer in her own right . Together with Stephanie and her sister Lisa, they created a popular Jewish Children's dvd filled with  Jewish songs designed especially for infants and toddlers. A second dvd is in production.

This kick off party is free and open to the public.  SEE YOU THERE!
Need more information? Check out the web!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Guest List Includes.....

PreJAM Slam is the kick off party for Jewish Arts Month. Open to the public, our party will begin at 7pm at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center this Wednesday- February 24th. We'll have art and books on display, a program filled with music and entertainment, and refreshments.

You'll have an opportunity to meet artists, actors, writers, musicians, and more!

We're excited to feature Wendy Westerwelle who will soon appear in Triangle Production's one-woman play, ROSE.

Francis Payne Adler, poet, storyteller, and artist will share some of her work and will have a collection of her books on display.

George Fendel, jazz pianist and KMHD radio host will play music before the program and will also accompany Cantor Ida Rae Cahana who will perform some songs.

We are pleased to welcome Jennifer Yocum from Mayor Sam Adams' office. She will issue a proclamation officially opening  Jewish Arts Month.  Also on stage will be Brian Wagner from the Oregon Arts Commission. JAM is indebted to the OAC for providing us with a start up grant.

Tomorrow, we'll feature a few more artists on this blog. Stay tuned!

For more information go to :

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eddy Shuldman: Fused Glass with Soul

Eddy Shuldman is a founding member of ORA, and the originator of Portland's Jewish Arts Month (JAM).  Her fused glass creations grace homes and synagogues from Portland to Oslo.  Whereas we usually think of glass as something to look THROUGH, Eddy's inspiring offerings show us what can be seen WITHIN the glass.  Each piece is a study of something meaningful: a prayer, an ideal, a moment in history.

Eddy says "glass is magic!  Hebrew letters often dance across a fanciful screen in my mind's eye.  Translating this dance of letters and images into glass becomes a meditative experience.  I journey deeper into the meanings and fight the limitations that a solid, yet fragile medium offers me."

Shuldman's lifelong work as a teacher is evident in her approach to glass work, as well as in her work with people.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and encourages people around her to push themselves to higher levels of achievement.  Eddy is the spark that imagined JAM, and the energy that has made it a reality.

You can see samples of Eddy Shuldman's past work on the ORA website (, but you have GOT to come see her latest series at ORA's "Light" exhibt at Elements Glass Gallery.  Your eyes will enjoy, and your heart will rejoice!

Meet Eddy Shuldman at the Pre-JAM-slam:

     Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010  at 7 pm
     Mittleman Jewish Community Center
     6651 SW Capitol Hwy

See Eddy's latest glass creations at ORA's "Light" exhibit:

     March 4 -14, 2010
    (First Thursday reception March 4th at 5:30 pm)
     Elements Gallery and Hot Shop
     1979 NW Vaughn St

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In his day job, Gary Martel is an excellent dentist, but given the opportunity, Gary will happily trade in his drill for a good camera and head for adventure. Photography has been a life-long passion and it shows!

Many of his photos chronicle his adventurous travels. Nature shots and family are also frequent subjects of his work.  Gary has a keen sense of light, shape and form. Recently, he has begun working in manipulated images and the results are most impressive.

Elements Glass will feature some of his work at the ORA exhibit that opens March 4th at 5:30 pm.
The show will continue through March 14th.

Join in the celebration of light and see what Gary has prepared for this show. Grab a glass of wine and join the ORA artists as they toast their first gallery group show.

For more information go to:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Diane Fredgant- Smooth as Silk

Silk Artist Diane Fredgant turns plain silk fabric into spiritual interpretations of her encounters with Torah, prayer, and mystical texts.

Diane seeks perfection in a medium that is deeply challenging. Whether a custom made prayer shawl or a wall hanging, her colors are luscious, rich and deep. Diane's work evokes synesthesia- you can taste her colors, hear her images and see the music in her shapes and forms.

Diane's work will be exhibited at Elements Gallery as part of Ora's show.

You'll want to meet Diane: you'll want to know about how she approaches her work, her study, her methods, her visions. So come, grab a nosch, have a sip of wine and schmooze. It will be a wonderful evening!

Elements Gallery , March 4th from 5:30-9pm and the show runs through March 14th.
Elements is located on NW 19th and Vaughn.
This show is also sponsored by Jewish Arts Month

need more info? go to

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tobin Floom: A new ORA member

This is a photo of Tobin and his wife at ORA's Celebration of Art 2009. Well known for his portrait studio Images by Floom Photography in Multnomah Village, Tobin is a remarkable photographer who has also demonstrated his masterful talents in manipulated photography art.

High energy, a great sense of humor, and artistic talent  make for a remarkable character. You will rarely see Tobin without a smile on his face. He'll be sporting his camera the evening of February 28th , 7 pm at the MJCC ballroom when he captures our first PreJAM Slam- our kick off party for Jewish Arts Month.

You'll have a second chance to meet him at Elements Glass Gallery on First Thursday, March 4th at 5:30-9pm. Come have a glass of wine, share an appetizer and schmooze with Tobin and all the other great folks that will gather in this amazing space.

See you there!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today is Esther's Birthday. We promised not to count the number of candles on her cake! Rumor has it, her dog Nacho will help blow out the candles!

Esther is a founding member of ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists. She is also the web mistress for them and has also designed pages for JAM: Jewish Arts Month. More importantly, she is a bead artist with unparalleled patience for her art work.

Specializing in Judaic ritual objects and beaded jewelry,  she is known for her Kippot made entirely of glass beads, as well as her detailed Mezuzot and Yahrzeit candle covers  which are created with thousands of tiny beads.  Customers are also drawn to her unique Mah Jongg jewelry and Hamsa pendants.

Esther is a member of the JAM planning committee, continuing to demonstrate her unflagging energy and commitment to the Jewish Arts.  You can see some of Esther's handiwork on the ORA website (see link below) but ...better you should come to the art show at Elements. Details for this show and more can be found on the JAM calendar (created by Esther, of course!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ellen Shefi- a new ORA member

Ellen Shefi of Elf Studios is another new member of ORA. She has participated as a guest artist in two ORA Celebration of Art Events.

Ellen is has an incredible eye for photography and has developed interesting techniques for manipulating her shots. Her photos have the texture of paintings yet the images remain true to the original image. Quite the traveler, much of Ellen's work captures the rich scenes of old world Europe as well as more contemporary local scenery.

ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists is pleased to welcome Ellen to the group and look forward to seeing her new work on display at the Elements Gallery on NW 19th and Vaughn starting Thursday March 4th,  5:30-9pm. Come join the First Thursday Party, meet Ellen and discover what this skilled artist can do with a photograph!

Jewish Arts Month begins on Wednesday, February 24th. You can meet Ellen and other artists, actors, and musicians....7pm in the Mittleman jewish Community Center Ballroom.

For more information go to:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Although Gary Pearlman is one of the newest members of ORA: Northwest Artists, his name is well known throughout the local community. He is an interior designer and graphic artist but he is also a masterful calligrapher who has blessed many marriages with his artful ketubot (marriage contracts.) His papercuts are highly prized among numerous art collectors in town.

Gary's oil paintings are a departure from his earlier works. His large scale canvas and wood panels are contemporary, bold and breathtaking- you will appreciate the scope of his work when you see it displayed at Elements starting March 4th, 5:30-9pm. The show will run through Sunday March 14th.

The theme for this show is "LIGHT". Come meet Gary, listen to live music, enjoy our refreshments refreshments, and schmooze with the other artists!
For more information go to:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sabina has a way with flowers. Her garden is lush and colorful and so are her paintings. Watercolors and acrylics flow from brush to canvas under her steady hand. Sabina understands subtlety and aims to capture the textures and nuances of a single petal. She watches the way a person moves or how the light filters through a pond and bounces off a golden koi.

Sabina has a passion for travel and has captured sights, colors, moods, and people while journeying around the world. Her work was recently on display at the Japanese Gardens and is also featured in a new book titled: Artists of Willamette Heights.

Elements  Gallery will be the next venue for her work. As part of Jewish Arts Month, Sabina will join her fellow Ora Artists in a show that will open March 4th, at 5:30 PM. Elements is located at  19th and Vaughn. Come meet Sabina and find out how she sees light...and how she transforms her vision into a painting.

Monday, February 8, 2010

JULIE HOCKLEY- fine metal and gemstones

Humble, creative, visionary are just a few terms that describe the work of Julie Hockley. Julie is camera shy so we don't have a picture of her shayneh punim (yiddish for pretty face.) Instead, we'll post a couple of her works of art.

Suffice it to say, her jewelry speaks for itself. Innovative and contemporary, her work shines above other jewelers.

Julie has also accepted the invitation to participate in the "LIGHT"- themed show at Elements Glass which opens with a First Thursday event Thursday March 4th. The show is open daily through Sunday March 14th. Check out these sites for the most up to date info on Jewish Artds Month (JAM)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Robin Esterkin: Painter and Ceramicist

You'll discover Robin's many talents when you visit Elements Gallery March 4-14.
Robin paints but she also throws pots and does ceramic sculpture. Robin's work is varied. Skilled in acrylic, oil and water colors, Robin's paintings reflect her personal dreamscapes. interior landscapes, faces, and figures. Her ceramic sculptures are intriguing and and her judicious use of glazing and patina makes it hard to believe her work is actually clay based. Robin is a member of Northwest Jewish Artists and is excited  about participating in JAM (Jewish Arts Month.)

Elements Gallery on NW 19th and Vaughn, March 4th @ 5:30 - 9pm. Free admission!
Come meet Robin and learn more about her techniques. You'll be inspired!
The show runs through Sunday March 14th. See you there!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rosana Berdichevsky: Mixed Media and Collage

Words, prayers, colors, sounds all contribute to Rosana's colorful and soulful work.
Rosana studies art with intensity but it is her solid instincts that guide her skillful hands to create spiritual artwork.

Rosana leads a busy life training students for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and leading students in a journey of doing mitzvahs (good deeds.) She enjoys traveling and taking art classes. Rosana's excitement is contagious! Come meet Rosana and experience her personal energy and the energy her artwork exudes. You'll be glad you did!

Elements Gallery 19th and Vaughn   THURSDAY MARCH 4  5:30-9pm
see our calendar for other exciting events during Jewish Arts Month (JAM)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leslie Elder: water colors and more!

Leslie Elder's warmth comes through in every painting. Her work reflects scenes from her travels and every day life. Her subject matter is diverse but her style is immediately recognizable.  Leslie is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. Her work has been successfully juried for numerous shows.

Leslie occasionally dips her brush into acrylics and oils. The results are always breath-taking. Come see Leslie's newest work built around the theme of LIGHT. As a member of ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists, Leslie will have her work on exhibit opening Thursday March 4th, 5:30 pm at Elements Gallery on 19th and Vaughn. Sip a glass of wine and drink in Leslie's art!

Jewish Arts Month organizers are especially grateful to Leslie for her beautiful poster created to advertise our first JAM Festival. Posters are suitable for framing and will be available for sale at the Pre Jam Slam and at several other JAM events for a most reasonable price.

The Pre-JAM Slam will be held Wednesday, February 24th at 7pm at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Admission is free and and EVERYONE is invited!

For calendar information go to :

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sharon Segal- acrylics and mixed media

Sharon Segal always has a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. Her paintings often are inspired by scenes from her travels and are brightly colored. In the past year Sharon has begun studying Mussar which is a style of learning and practicing ethical behavior. Her studies have influenced her art and some of her mixed media work represents her explorations of middot or Mussar intentions. Sharon is a member of ORA but her work has appeared in numerous venues including  Lake Oswego's Art in the Park.

You can see Sharon's work up close and personal at Elements Gallery on NW 19th and Vaughn starting March 4th- First Thursday-  5:30-9. The exhibit will remain up through March 14th.

For more information go to:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Susan Kuznitsky: Portraits and More!

Susan has been in ORA nearly a year. This talented artist works in oils, pastels, and pencil. She also teaches art and will soon offer a charcoal sketching class at the MJCC (Feb 21).
Her website is
You'll discover incredibly paintings so lifelike that many appear to be photographs at first glance.

 Susan's work will be on exhibit at the Elements Gallery on NW 19th and Vaughn starting on First Thursday, March 4 through Sunday March 14th. She will also a a couple pieces on display in the Mittleman Jewish Community Center lobby Sunday March 7- 12th.

 You are invited to meet Susan at JEWISH ARTS MONTH's (JAM) Pre-JAM Slam at the MJCC, Wednesday, Feb 24th at 7pm. Free admission!

For more details go to