Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JAM returns to PDX - MAY 2013

WEEK #1: 

You'll find 4 artists represented in this first week of JAM! Come on down to the MJCC 
(6651 SW Capitol HWY- Portland, OR) at 11 am when the show officially opens!
The show is open daily through Friday at 2pm. When artists are on duty, you may purchase any available art! If you wish to make a purchase but can't find an artist on duty, take a business card and call the artist directly.

          The MJCC staff is not able to sell any art!
  On duty artists will accept checks, credit cards, and cash !

                        Who will be there?

Sharon Segal, painter : 2-6 Tues, 6-8 Wed, 2-6 Thursday

Glenn Decherd, ceramics: 11-2:30 Sun, 11-10 Mon, 2-6 Wed 

Leslie Elder, painter: 10-2 Tues, Wednesday and Friday

Bob Sorkin, photographer: 2:30-5 Sun, 2-6 Monday, 10-2 Thurs

Saturday, April 20, 2013

JAM in MAY (2013!)

This year JAM (Jewish Arts Month) is in May!

ORA artists will display lovely works of art in the lobby of Mittleman Jewish Community Center starting on Sunday afternoon May 5th!

Each week a new group of artists will display their work . 

Let's all go to the lobby!!!!!!! We'll post the names of artists displaying each week and the times when each artist will be available to represent their work,

COME MEET THE ARTISTS! Each week you'll see new art, new artists and have an opportunity to purchase beautiful works for yourself and as gifts.

See you there!