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Once in a while it is worthy to focus on the art work of someone great.
The Jewish Museum in Paris currently features his work.

During JAM, Portland's Jewish Theater Collaborative will feature a production based on the life of Charlotte Salomon, a contemporary of Nussbaum. It will be interesting to compare HER work WITH NUSSBAUM'S!  Be sure you get tickets to this wonderful production Feb 3-20, 2010

The ezine Jewish Daily features a lovely look at a wonderful artist, Felix Nussbaum, whose life and talent were cut short by Auschwitz.

Here is a quote from the article written by Eunice Lipton:

And what is so horribly painful considering Nussbaum’s life is that he was all there before the Holocaust, and everything he was and did was a sign of life. But after he was killed, these qualities were turned into the traits of a victim—signs of desperation and hopelessness, imminent loss, passivity. That is the interpretive injustice I referred to earlier. But he didn’t die, he wasn’t dead, until he was killed. It is his life that one experiences at the Jewish Museum in Paris and why the exhibit is not depressing.

Take a look at what else she has to say. It is a wonderful article. You'll want to fly to PARIS, just to see the exhibit!

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